‘YAKINIKU EZOYA’ is a restaurant of a Yakiniku, a Salt Horumon( broiled salt innards of pig & Cow) and a Genghis Khan.
We would like to offer delicious Yakinuku and Horumon at reasonable prices.
Our shop is a small shop in the back alley.
It is run by APR GROUP at Sapporo Hokkaido.
APR GROUP has 28 restaurants at Sapporo and 3 restaurants at Bangkok.
It is stylish interior decoration such as a stylish whiskey bar.
We offer a dish of genuine taste.
The Beef which is directly delivered from the Ohira ranch of Hokkaido,the Horumon and the Genghis Khan which selected carefully.
The sauce cabbage of the service is the taste that is not stopped.
I am looking forward to seeing all of you together.            (日本語訳)

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